Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
Q: Do you offer pickup and delivery?

A: Yes. We offer free pickup and delivery in NJ and neighboring Counties. Please call to verify your location qualifies for free pickup and delivery.

Q: What type of warranty does Safe Zone offer.

A: Safe Zone  offers a free three month limited extended warranty. The limited warranty covering your system will be noted on your invoice and included in the documentation.

Q: Do you match your competitors prices?

A: Yes. PC Safe Zone  will match our competitors' prices. In order to provide this service, we need the appropriate web address or company contact information to verify the pricing. Each price match is handled on an individual basis.

Q: Do you offer on-site service?

A: Yes. We offer onsite service. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting can be performed on-site.

Q: Do you support products that weren't purchased from you?

A: Yes. We support products that were purchased from other manufactures or businesses. However warranties are not transferable.

Q: What type of support do I receive?

A: Each system purchased from Safe Zone Services comes with a 6-month phone support contract. Third party software and hardware not installed by Safe Zone Services is not covered under this contract. Tutorial services will incur hourly charges.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: There are many ways to contact us:

Address: 159 Main Street
                 East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Email: cs@pcsafezone.com

Phone - 732-387-3746
Fax      - 732-719-0162

Q: Do you give free estimates and check ups?

A: Yes.

Q: What areas do you provide on-site services to?

A: We provide onsite services in some parts of New Jersey.


Data Recovery FAQ

Q: What types of data recovery services do you offer?

A: Some of the data recovery services we offer are the following:

Unable to boot
Virus attacks
Inaccessible drives or partitions
Unable to run or load data
Data corrupted
Hard drive failure
Hard drive crashes

Q: What if you can not recover my data?

A: If we cannot recover your data there is no charge to you.

Q: What are the chances that you will be able to recover my data?

A: Depending on the severity of the problem, chances of recovering the data vary.

Q: What types of media can you recover data from?

A: We can recover data from IDE, EIDE and SCSI hard drive assemblies.


Networks FAQ

Q: Will I be able to transfer files from one computer to another in my network?

A: Yes. By using the built-in functions of Windows, you will be able to share files between computers connected to your network.


Q: Can I share my incoming internet connection with other computers on my network?

A: Yes. Connecting your incoming internet connection up to a home router, you will be able to access the internet from any computer that is on the network.


Q: Can I share my printer with more than one computer?

A: Yes. This can be accomplished many different ways. You can share the printer from within windows, purchase a network compatible printer, or purchase a router with a print server.


Q: Is a wireless network safe?

A: Yes, but the network and the computers that are on the network have to be configured correctly for it to be safe. On the wireless station, WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) can be used to encrypt the signal that is being sent and received. On the network computers, passwords and permissions should be setup.


Q: Can you troubleshoot an existing small network?

A: Yes. We can troubleshoot most home and small business networks even if we did not originally install it.


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: To answer this questions correctly, we first would need to know what you would like to do on your network. After that, we can put together a list of equipment you will need. Most small networks will just need some sort of a switch or a router, some network cable, and a couple of network cards.


Upgrades FAQ

Q: How do I know if I need an upgrade?

- Do you find yourself fidgeting while your processor, or one of your peripherals, goes on and on doing something?
- Is your computer too under-powered to run the applications you want to run?
- Is your hard drive too small to store all your "stuff"?
- Do you need to send and receive faxes from your computer and you canít?
- Do you want sound you donít have?
- Do you want something for your computer you donít have.

If you can answer "no" to ALL these questions then maybe you donít need to Upgrade your computer.


Q: What types of hardware upgrades do you perform?

A: We offer all types of hardware upgrades from simple video card installations to changing out the motherboard and CPU.


Repair / Maintenance FAQ

Q: Is it cheaper to repair my computer or buy a new computer?

A: This really depends on how old your computer is and also what is wrong with your computer. Sometimes it isn't worth spending the money to fix your old computer or is actually cheaper to purchase a new one.


Q: How much will it cost me to repair my computer?

A: This question depends on what is wrong with the computer. Most repairs cost around $60 to $100 in labor plus the cost of the replacement part.


Q: What is your warranty policy on your repairs

A: We have a 15 day hardware warranty policy on all repairs. We will cover labor and previously replaced parts but not any additional parts that may be necessary to complete the job.

Q: Do you repair on-site?

A: Yes, assuming your location is in NJ, we are able to service on-site. In some instances, we may need to take your system back to our offices to complete a repair.

Q: What will maintenance do for my computer?

A: Maintenance will speed up booting and loading times, increase the reliability of the computer, and protect it from harmful static build up that is caused by dust inside the computer.


Web Design FAQ

Q: Will my website have its own domain name (www.yourname.com)?

A: Yes, you will have your own web address with no subdirectories.

Q: Will you maintain my website for me once you create it?

A: Yes, we offer affordable update packages for our customers. We will not abandon you after your website is complete!

Q: Can you promote my website for me?

A: Yes. Safe Zone can promote your website on the 18 most popular search engines and directories such as : Google, Lycos, Northern Light, Subjex, HotBot, Scrub The Web, FAST Search, Alexa, REX, LookSeek, ExactSeek, InfoSpace, Search It, Voila, NerdWorld, Excite, Mall Park, and EntireWeb.

Q: What types of features are available for my website?

A: Your website will be personalized for you and may include features such as : Calendars, Chat Rooms, Feedback Forms, File Cabinets, Formatted Text Pages, General Contact Information/Directions, Links, List of Items, Membership Pages, Newsletters, Photo Galleries, Submenus, Surveys.



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